Tech N9ne EuroTech DVD Classic Moments: ‘Cigaweed’

Jul 13 2011

In between performances in front of massive festival crowds and intimate club venues, perhaps the best moments in the EuroTech DVD are the moments caught in between.

In one revealing scene on the EuroTech DVD, we witness Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne kicking it on a night in Denmark and dabbling in what they refer to as “Cigaweed” (marijuana rolled in a spliff with tobacco, a common European method of consumption).

The hilarious clip features Kaliko’s hilarious reaction to the substance, experiencing paranoia, memory loss, and much more. Tech takes a hit of the spliff and exclaims “That ain’t no weed!” in between coughs and laughs heartily at Krizz Kaliko as he tries to make sense of his mental state.

It’s a hilarious scene from Tech N9ne’s latest and most original DVD to date: EuroTech!

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