Spike Lee Stealing The Coathanga Strangla? [Social]

Sep 2 2011

Lynch Calls For Role In New Spike Lee Film

With some of the most frightening releases on Strange Music, Brotha Lynch Hung has built a reputation for bloody tales of torture and murder. His love for horror films is no secret, and he has even publicly revealed to have worked on several horror screenplays in the past. Lynch recently took to Twitter to rally fans behind him for a role in a new Spike Lee horror film that closely resembles Lynch’s Coathanga Strangla trilogy. Spike Lee’s new film will follow the story of two detectives as they investigate several high profile homicides in the hip hop industry. The plot line bears an eerie resemblance to Lynch’s story that is slated to end on the upcoming Mannibalector, in which a serial killer targets rappers. Could Spike Lee have found inspiration for his film from Brotha Lynch Hung’s albums? Whether or not that is the case, it looks like Lynch is out to land a role in the film. Could this lead to Lynch’s Hollywood debut?

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Do you think Spike Lee borrowed from Lynch’s music? Would you like to see Lynch star in this film? Leave your thoughts below!