'So Good It's Nasty!' – Fans React To ¡MAYDAY!'s 'Badlands' [Social]

Mar 20 2012

With Take Me To Your Leader ready to smash through Strangeland in less than one week, ¡MAYDAY! and Tech N9ne took fans on a killer ride through the “Badlands” with their newest music video.

Featuring performance shots of ¡MAYDAY! along with a sizzling guest feature from the Kansas City King, “Badlands” is an energetic thriller of a video with a twist ending that you won’t believe!

XXLMag.com was first to break the brand new video, which quickly caught the attention of fans eagerly anticipating ¡MAYDAY!’s Strange Music debut. Between Tech N9ne and ¡MAYDAY!, fans just couldn’t get enough of “Badlands”. The road to Take Me To Your Leader is almost up – stay tuned for more!

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Check out what fans on XXLMag.com had to say:

“so fucking dope

“That throwback rhyme scheme by tech was murderous.”

“Damn that shit goes hard as fuck!!! imma go pre order it right now! Straaange Muuusic!!!”

“dat was a bad ass vid, can’t wait for the album :)”

“Fucking awesome! I’m crazy about tech but that shit was fucking pimp!”

“God damn! Mayday and Tech teaming up to kill it again! This is Strange Music’s year, baby!”

“Can’t wait for my preorder to arrive!!!!”

“Straight Fire, just as I expected. ¡Mayday! is extremely talented, and Tech N9ne is amazing as always. I’m so sick of all the garbage on the radio, it’s time for some real artists to show everyone how it’s done. STRANGE!!!!”

“Wow! Amazing song! Amazing video! This is the future right here! STRANGE MUSIC! ALL DAY! ALL NIGHT! ^S^”

“Kali sent me! AHA!!! And they ALLLL fucking kill this shit. Gotta love everything Strange does. MayDay is gonna be big!!!”

“can’t wait to get this album. Loving Tech’s verse and everything, Mayday is gonna change Strange up for the better.”

“already on my fourth play through, I don’t think i’ll ever get enough of these guys. They are already one of my favorite all time bands.”

“Bad ass video. And not just cuz tech is on it. Mayday goes hard. One time for Miami.”

“Strange Music is the only label producing music of this caliber EVERY time…..Strange is taking over!!! 2012 is OUR YEAR….Keep it Strange!!!!!”

“the 26 needs to come sooner so i can listen in my carrrrrrr”

“WOOOOOW , just WOOWWW!!!!!!”

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Fans React To ¡Mayday! "Badlands"

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