‘It’s My Best Work So Far’ – Prozak Talks ‘Paranormal’

Mar 23 2012

Prozak 'Something Strange'A sinister atmosphere has crept its way into Strangeland as Prozak’s Paranormal draws closer and closer. The emcee behind Tales From The Sick is making his official return this year with a brand new album and a spot on Tech N9ne’s “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour.

With all of the anticipation around the release, JuggaloNews.com recently caught up with the macabre emcee for an exclusive interview regarding his big year. Speaking on Paranormal, Prozak opened up about the album’s diversity and what fans can expect:

You can expect a majority of the tracks on the album to be without features. This is not a feature oriented record by any means. You can expect a little bit of everything, is the best way to put it. I mean there’s some heavy rock-rap-metal joints. There’s some sorrow filled hip-hop. There’s some angry, rage filled hip-hop. There’s a little bit of story telling, you know what I’m sayin’? There’s a little bit of everything that I do. I would say it’s my best work so far.

Busier than ever, Prozak also shared some insight on his upcoming tour schedule as well as the multiple projects he has in the works, including new videos and his hit Paranormal Activity Show on Psychopathic Radio. Fans eager for more from Prozak are about to get a Paranormal dose in 2012.

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