'OMFG' – ¡MAYDAY!'s 'Strange March' Leaves Fans Stunned [Social]

Apr 12 2012

Following weeks of hype and anticipation, ¡MAYDAY!’s “Strange March” (Death March Remix) finally dropped this past week and no one could have anticipated the verbal onslaught that it would bring.

Reaching out to their Strange Music family, ¡MAYDAY! enlisted the help of Brotha Lynch Hung and CES Cru for a stunning reworking of their original “Death March” from Take Me To Your Leader. With brand new production from Plex Luthor and Gianni Ca$h, the remix was a complete overhaul on the original track and gave fans one of the most impressive Strange Music collaborations yet.

The long awaited remix quickly spread across the web as fans eagerly hit play to see what Brotha Lynch Hung and CES Cru had in store. At just over six minutes in length, “Strange March” was everything a Strange Music fan could hope for.

Check out what fans on the web had to say about “Strange March”:

“That track is fuckin bonkers!!”

“Wish this was on the album”

“Sickness via Strange!!! this is the best i’ve heard from Mayday!! plus you add CES and LYNCH? only a true hater couldn’t like this.”

“This song went hard from start to finish.”

“real hip hop”

“¡MAYDAY!’s definition of a remix = entirely new dope as fuck track. I love it. Y’all are just lapping everyone else in Hip Hop right now. Respect!”

“it feels good to be spoiled for once. you guys know what’s up. in the words of Del tha Funkee Homosapien, ‘Perfect blend of technology and magic'”

“Awesome track like I told y’all, your killing it!!!!”

“damn they all killed their verses man shit strange music is takin over hahaha shit is illlllllllll”

“Brotha lynch kills it”

“thats what the fugg im sayin! 😀 awesome”


“Fuckin amazin”

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