CES Cru On The Go – Listen To CES Cru’s Solo Mixtapes With The DatPiff Mobile App

May 1 2012

Take the CES Cru mixtapes everywhere you go with the DatPiff Mobile App!

The DatPiff mobile app will allow you to listen to Matter Don’t Money and The Deevil on your Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm Pre and Playbook wherever you go, as well as all the other mixtapes available on DatPiff!

Worry not about your phone being clogged up with files using the DatPiff mobile app. The great thing about the DatPiff Mobile App is that it streams the songs to your phone, so that none of the hard drive space on your phone gets taken up. With this app you have a massive collection of music at your fingertips that won’t ever take up space.

Click here for more information on the DatPiff Mobile App!

Click here to download Matter Don’t Money and The Deevil!