Who's Your Favorite Singer On Strange Music? [POLL]

Jun 25 2012

If we asked this question a year ago it probably wouldn’t of been too tough of a decision.

Although Tech N9ne can carry a tune quite well and Kutt Calhoun is no slouch either, the title of your favorite singer on Strange Music would probably have gone to Krizz Kaliko. I mean who else would he have gone up against?

But in 2012 two surprise vocalists came out of the woodwork to surprise Strange Music fans across the board with their amazing voices and singing talent: Wrekonize of ¡MAYDAY! and Stevie Stone.

Krizz Kaliko, however, released what many have considered his best album of all time and pulled some new tricks out of his sleeve to assert his status as Strange Music’s resident genius.

Let’s break down the candidates:


Had you not known that this guy was a lyrical monster and microphone destroyer, you’d think that Wrekonize had been singing all of his life. ¡MAYDAY!’s breakthrough and critically acclaimed Strange Music debut Take Me To Your Leader was in no doubt supported by Wrekonize’s chorus vocals and harmonies all across the board. From the very beginning with his sly menace on “Badlands” to his baby-making crooning on “Imprint” to his shouted pleas on “June”, Wrekonize emerged in 2012 as a multi-talented natural with huge star potential.

Krizz Kaliko

You already know what this guy is all about. Since his haunting and irresistible first lines on “Anxiety” off of Vitiligo to his latest thick-layered harmonies on songs like “Hello Walls” and “Wannabe” to his multiple throwback styles on songs like “Ego Trippin” and “Kali Baby”, Krizz Kaliko can flip it any way he chooses and treats music like a plaything.

Stevie Stone

The biggest surprise might have come from the gruff Stevie Stone. While his voice has always been one-of-a-kind and immediately gripping, who knew he could sing so well? His Strange Music album debut Rollin’ Stone was quick to let us know.

Raised in the church and from a deep musical background, Stevie has plenty of pipes to flex like he does especially on “My Remedy”, a song which reveals as soulful as a voice as you’ve ever heard. Stevie also uses his voice well as an instrument, adding very necessary layers to songs such as “Cast Out” and “Oneness” and also adds more of his melodic hook-expertise on songs like “My Life” and “The Road”.



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