Brotha Lynch Hung Gives ‘Mannibalector’ Updates On Socialcam [Social]

Jun 19 2012

Lynch Socialcam

If you’re not already following Brotha Lynch Hung on Socialcam, then you’re missing out on the latest updates for his next Strange Music release, Mannibalector!

The Sac-town cannibal is taking the news straight to fans as he is now providing exclusive updates via Socialcam. The social video app allows users to easily upload videos from anywhere and share them on social networks.

In his latest video message to the fans, Brotha Lynch Hung confirms that all of the writing for Mannibalector is done and now he is just waiting on voice actors to fill in their roles. It’s just a matter of time before the final chapter closes on the Coathanga Strangla.

What awaits the victims? How will the saga end? Keep up with Brotha Lynch Hung only on Socialcam!

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