MTV Mixtape Daily: Irv Da Phenom Talks Tech N9ne And Strange Music [Video]

Jun 11 2012

Irv Da Phenom Talks Tech N9ne With MTV Mixtape Daily

When you’re around the #1 independent rapper, it’s hard not to pick up on some of the indie hustle and that’s exactly what Irv Da Phenom recalled doing when he spoke with MTV News recently.

The Kansas City native sat down with MTV for an exclusive interview on his work as a solo artist. Speaking on his connection to Strange Music, Irv explained how it was that Tech N9ne first noticed him:

“‘As years went on, he seen me doing my thing around the town, rapping. And then I pop up at his shows,’ he said of his relationship with Tecca Nina. ‘It just eventually grew and grew. I was blessed to be able to go out on tour with him. He heard my music one day and was like, ‘Man you’re supposed to be making music with us,’ and that’s how we ended up linking up.'”

Currently promoting his latest solo release, Who the F#@K Is Irv Da Phenom?, Irv is using that experience to carve out his own lane. Having learned from the best, Irv Da Phenom is quickly becoming another independent success story.


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