WATCH: Krizz Kaliko ‘Proof Of God’ Official Music Video From NEH’MIND [Video]

Nov 17 2012

WATCH: Krizz Kaliko 'Proof Of God' Official Music Video From NEH'MIND [Video]

Krizz Kaliko opens his heart and asks for more from his faith in the kickoff to #KaliFridays with “Proof Of God”.

The brand new music video is the first single from Krizz Kaliko’s NEH’MIND EP and reflects on the many questions that plague the world in regards to a higher being.

Krizz Kaliko’s spiritual pursuit is accompanied by exceptional visuals of an interpretive dancer as the emcee looks for answers and approval – a proof of god.

The powerful music video is a testament to Krizz Kaliko’s ability to use his own emotions to connect with his audience.

#KaliFridays are back.



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