‘It Was Not A Dream’ – Violet Brown Shares Her Favorite Tech N9ne Experience

Dec 3 2012

Violet Brown's Favorite Tech N9ne Experience

Fans headed to the Gift Of Rap 2012 will have an opportunity to create the experience of a lifetime thanks to the exclusive VIP Meet and Greet that will put them face to face with the Kansas City King, Tech N9ne.

As one of Tech N9ne’s earliest supporters in the music industry, Violet Brown has had plenty of memorable exchanges with the red-haired wonder, but it was another fan’s chance encounter with Tech outside of a hotel in L.A. that would have the makings of the ultimate Tech N9ne experience.

Reflecting on this very special night, Violet Brown shared this incredible story in her own words:

My favorite Tech N9ne experience and the GREATEST Tech show of ALL-TIME for me was actually in a hotel in LA. Tech had just finished playing the House of Blues in Hollywood on the strip. The show had ended so it was time to chill and enjoy our evening and that is when I believe the special party favors came out to play with our heads. Now keep in mind, this was years ago and definitely a thing of the past.

After about an hour it was time for some air so we went downstairs to the front of the hotel. This was a popular hotel that is known for housing rock, rap, and movie stars, so people tend to hang around the front of this hotel hoping to see a STAR. We stood out front and may have gotten even more buzzed from the smoke and exhaust of the cars on the packed Sunset Strip.

It wasn’t a few minutes until a young guy approached Tech and proceeded to tell him that Tech was his favorite rapper. The kid said he was in town from Seattle to play in an orchestra for a huge star. I vividly remember the kid telling Tech that he was a true musician and he heard Tech’s voice as a percussion instrument. He said that Tech’s syncopation and flow was like a musical instrument. He told Tech that “you drum with your voice.” He was only in LA for that weekend and much to his surprise that night, he saw Tech’s name on the marquee of the House Of Blues so he “HAD TO GO TO THE SHOW”. This guy was so excited to meet his hero.

After talking to him awhile, Tech invited him to come back to the room with us, so upstairs we went. When we got back to the room Tech says, “What is your favorite album?” The star struck kid answers very quickly with, Anghellic. Well that is my favorite too so I was happy to hear this news. Tech reaches over and turns on a boom box at about 3AM he pops in Anghellic and proceeds to perform and rap the entire Anghellic album from start to finish, just for us…LIVE & FLAWLESSLY…FAST, INTENSE, WITH PURE TECH N9NE PASSION. Tech stood in the middle of the floor as we sat on the beds and just a few feet from our face he put on the most intense show ever…Tech was in the zone and his voice was almost hypnotic. Just imagine hearing “This Ring” in such an intimate, personal way. This was so unreal for me and I was around Tech all the time so I could not imagine how this kid/fan off the street was feeling. It was amazing watching Tech and this young guy’s face. It felt like a dream and that I would soon wake up from the BEST DREAM EVER…BUT NO, THIS WAS REAL!

When Tech spit the last line from Anghellic the kid started calling his friends and waking them up in Seattle, trying to tell them this wild story about his night. Now I was there and even to me his story sounded too unreal and over the top. So what does Tech do? He grabs the phone and starts talking to this guy’s friends. So even his friends shared something special & CRAZY that night…..THIS WAS THE GREATEST MUSICAL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE and I have had many legendary experiences over the years, but NOTHING has ever topped this one for me…Now, if only I could find and talk to this guy again. I know it may be hard to find this guy, but I am sure he is still telling this story to this day. I have faith that some Tech fan will lead me to this guy. I just want to finally hear his take on this mind-blowing evening…

I guess it was pure fate that put him in L.A. on this evening and took him from the street to the most intimate, private, and memorable TECH N9NE SHOW OF ALL-TIME…If ANYONE has heard this story and knows this guy tell him I am looking for him. And NOW, you can really believe him because I was there too….IT WAS NOT A DREAM.

– Violet Brown

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