CES Cru Breaks Down Their Favorite Moments In The History Of Strange Music

Mar 29 2013

From the days of Anghellic to the Independent Powerhouse Tour, one duo has been there to see it all: CES Cru.

In a very insightful and thorough interview with HipHopDX, CES Cru took it to the days of wayback and recalled their favorite moments in the history of Strange Music. Their unparalleled perspective cannot be missed for fans of of the Snake and Bat (much less independent music) who want to know how the movement impacted the city it was born in and continues to impact the world of music today.

On the impact of Strange Music’s first release, the classic Tech N9ne album Anghellic, Ubiquitous relays the street-level effect:

I guess that shit was fucking crazy when I started seeing billboards. Yeah, like you’re on the highway and you see the stickers and street team with posters, but that billboard stuff would be on the highway with Tech N9ne on his upcoming album and tour. Nobody else even does it like him. There’s nobody with the need to do that and they’re not even in demand like that. The billboard with the graphics were crazy, and the music as well. When Anghellic dropped, that was what everybody was saying.

The duo also talks about the release of Killer, Bad Season (an overlooked gem in Kansas City) and the formation of Strangeland Studios.

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CES Cru - Constant Energy Struggles

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