'I Knew We Had Something Special' – Gianni Ca$h Talks 'Believers'

Jul 12 2013

You might have first known him as the Johnny Depp-looking dude on bass during ¡MAYDAY!’s first nationwide touring stint on the All 6’s and 7’s tour, but Gianni Ca$h has been and has progressively gotten more so a crucial element to the ¡MAYDAY! sound. With Believers, Ca$h took the reigns and stepped his production game up on a huge level, and the results are obvious.

We talked to the bassist and producer to get a feel on what to expect from Believers and what went into making the album. From the sounds of it, this is going to be a ¡MAYDAY! album unlike anything you’ve ever heard, but still retains everything you love about the Miami group.

Read below and get excited.

How was the production different for this album than it was for Take Me To Your Leader?

The process was a little different this time around. We were in the same room working together, versus a Take Me To Your Leader we worked in shifts – we had the morning and night shift. Not this time around. It felt good to be in the same room with Bernz and Wrek and really work on things together. We also branched out and worked with different musicians from Miami.

How has the production philosophy evolved from the beginning of ¡MAYDAY!?

It evolves naturally depending where we are at the moment. the philosophy is influence by our surroundings, who we come in contact with and what motivates us. This time around we expanded the musical palette and brought some of our musician friends from around the way. We also worked with Infamous who has worked with Lil Wayne and Gym Class Heros to name a few. It’s good to change things up a bit or else it becomes monotonous.

How have you progressed personally in your production and musicianship since your guys’ last project?

Yeah..it’s always a progression buts its a never ending story man. I’m the type of person that is alway looking for ways to improve my craft, either through the process of working with other people or searching for new techniques to use on our records. Through that there’s always new tactics you’ll learn. I always like to engage other producers and try to learn something from them. I always want to know what they’re working with or what the next hot shit is. I mostly work on Pro Tools but have gotten into Logic a lot more recently. The key is really knowing the platform you’re working with and really knowing the program so you can navigate at a fast pace to get your ideas out rapidly. The more I make music the better I get, especially with the beats.

From listening to it, the bass is even more tightly carved than the previous album, was this a conscious decision?

Those bass lines happen very spontaneous, it’s more about a feeling and a groove. I’m not really trying to write very intricate bass lines and our music doesn’t really ask for that. So most of the time those bass lines fall into place by themselves. I’m trying to master the art of simplicity when it comes to the bass. Like “Unplug” the bass lines are the driving force behind that song and it’s a very simple five note bass line. Sometimes simplicity is the key, also like “Forever New” and “Save Ferris” What can I say? I spew out godliness! (Laughs)

Do you have any personal highlights from the album?

“Shortcuts And Dead Ends” is one of my personal favorites. Bernz and Wrek tap into their personal lives and deliver amazing verses. We also worked on that beat together so it was a team effort. “Shortcuts” was literally the last song we finished before turning the album in to get mastered. We also put it as the last track on the album, which made sense since it was the last one we did. It’s also very poetic since “Believers” was one of the first tracks we recorded – so completing the full circle was glorious! I love “Forever New” with Stevie Stone, “Last One Standing” with Tech and “Good Pressure”. Also looking forward to playing “On That Jack” at the live shows. It’s a fun song and it’s going to have people bringing us unlimited amounts of Jack Daniels – which I’m very grateful for! Thanks to the people already bringing bottles, you guys rock!

When you hear Wrek and Bernz put up a concept for a song and write it, does it need to speak for the band as a whole? Is it a democracy?

They speak their mind and they do a good job of representing us individually. We are so close-knit that when these concepts are brought up it usually falls right in and represents the whole band anyways.

Did you feel any pressure to follow up what many have called a classic album with Take Me To Your Leader?

There was some pressure at first, and it’s natural for us to start comparing songs because Take Me To Your Leader is an amazing body of work, but once we started making Believers I knew we had something special and that’s when i detached myself from thinking about the past and focused on making the best music that I could at that moment. Believers is an extension of our previous works with bigger and better production and amazing writing. I’m extremely proud of Believers and can’t wait for y’all to hear it.

What would you say is the theme of this album? What part of the ¡MAYDAY! journey does it represent?

Believers is setting the tone for our core fan base. We have finally established what our fans can identify themselves as. They’ve believed since the first time they’ve seen us. We have people telling us this all the time. It’s so freaking cool, they say “I’m a believer and I’m going to make other people believe in ¡MAYDAY!.” Believers has become a vessel for our music to reach a broader audience, and it’s all through the fans, the believers word of mouth. Straight from the source, it’s all through the ones that were there first believing in what we were doing, so one time for the real believers.

Why is it that ¡MAYDAY!’s music seems to get better with each listen?

I always have people come up to me at shows and say they love listening to our songs because with every listen they find something new. It’s an honor to hear those type of things. I love people dissecting our song and methodically going through them like it’s a science experiment. Shit is so dope.

Anything you want to say before we wrap this up?

Yeah, a big ups to all the Believers supporting us through the Summer Of Strange Tour and make sure to pick up a copy of Believers on the 16th. One love!


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