‘I Almost Died For Instagram’ – Prozak’s Near-Death Experience

Sep 10 2013

Prozak Recalls Near Death Experience

If you follow Prozak on Instagram, then you know the man is pretty serious about his photos. But just how far is he willing to go catch the perfect frame? Turns out, pretty far.

While on the set of a recent video shoot for We All Fall Down, Prozak recalled an incident on the road that almost led to the end – all for Instagram.

Listen to Prozak tell the story below!

We’re on the way from Colorado Springs and we’re going to Albuquerque, NM, and we had this rental vehicle. So we’re going down the road and I see this old abandoned church up on this mountain. You could tell it was completely vacant, you know, all busted up. It still had the peak and the cross up at the top – it looked like something out of a movie. I’m going down the road and I’m like, “How the fuck do you get up there?”

We took the first exit off the freeway. It was literally this dingy two-lane, two-track road. We went down about a quarter mile and there’s this huge gate all padlocked. So, somehow – we don’t need to go into details, but the padlock came off and we went through the gate and under this tunnel and went up this giant winding mountain all the way up to the top. Then all of a sudden we realized it was a bad idea because the car – it couldn’t take it. Even though we had the engine floored, it wouldn’t go up anymore. It started rolling backward. So we were all like, “Fuck!” We’re trying to keep this thing under control by keeping a foot on the brake, but trying to steer it and ease it down the side of this mountain. Long story short, it got stuck and we had to call for help. It was pretty horrible. We almost died, just for the sake of Instagram.

So, fuck man, follow me on Instagram. I deserve it. You’re going to see amazing pictures. I take pride in that shit.


We All Fall Down

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