‘THE STRANGEST’ – A Column By MURS – March 28, 2015

Mar 28 2015


Sxsw was dope. Saw a new movie called Dope. Hung out with my homie girl named Sarah Dope. But actually did no Dope. However I did four performances and they were dope. Performed some new songs getting ready for this Special Effects tour. Oh yeah also got a tattoo of Queen Latifah, dope.11078962_654422814689936_1268281477_n

Strangest thing I’ve done since I’ve been home? See Cinderella as a birthday gift to myself. It was amazing!
Fuck you, I love Disney.

Been home a whole 6 days. Woo! Now I’m packing up my Strange Music backpack (s/o the VIP package) and heading to Wrestlemania 31 tomorrow.

Who are my picks?

Lesnar over Reigns. Love Reigns but it’s always Lesnar over everyone. I picked the streak ending last year. And was they only motherfucker in my section cheering when he pinned Taker. Seen a dude actually leave his floor seats in tears he was so upset. He never came back bro!!! He was on some fuck Vince for real shit. Hahahaha. Classic! Gotta love wrasslin’. It gets so real.


Cena over Rusev- because Lana hasn’t sent me any nudes.

Sting over Triple H because Sting is any favorite wrestler of all time.

Those are my picks and I’m sticking to them. Immediately following the match I go straight to the airport to meet the boss man in NYC for a press run. Stay tuned and Have a nice life.



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