Is A ¡MURSDAY! Sequel In The Works? – Bernz Catches Up With Miami New Times

Jul 5 2016

Photo by Liquid 9

The grind doesn’t stop for Bernz, especially not while he’s less than a week out from his solo debut.

With See You On The Other Side dropping Friday, Bernz is soaking up all of the publicity he can get, including his most recent feature in Miami New Times. In the article, Bernz touches on the motive behind the album, wanting to bring fans a “fun summer album”. We also may be in for a second ¡MURSDAY! album, which would just be a fantastic thing for humanity.

Check out Bernz’s full interview with Miami New Times HERE.

  • Would you like to see another ¡MURSDAY! album?
  • What’s your favorite Bernz release so far?

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