Don’t Sweat The New Technique: “Nightmare (Yeah)” Showcases A Brand New Side of Wrekonize

Apr 21 2017

There’s nothing like new music is there?

The rush of seeing it on your timeline for the first time and rushing to press play. Getting to hear it for the first time in the car, while working out, while partying. It’s a ephemeral escape from the burden of waiting for an album’s release, but at the same time it makes the wait that much more difficult.

Artists share in a similar excitement. All their hard work finally gets to see the light of day, leaving it  open for both praise and criticism, as they anxiously await feedback and commentary. For Wrekonize, for the release of “Nightmare (Yeah),” a song that showcases some new techniques for the seasoned emcee (and comes equipped with a set of visuals on top of that), I’m sure that excitement is tenfold.

 In fact, I’m sure I’m sure. He told me.

What song off Into The further are you most excited to share with the fans?

“Nightmare”! It’s dope for me because its something you wouldn’t find on a Mayday album.

How so?

It’s a little bit outside my wheelhouse as far as production goes. It’s a sound that is familiar to the label but on my personal projects I haven’t had anything that tempo and that trap-sounding, but it still feels like me without going outside of my realms. Plus I tried techniques on there that I haven’t tried before so it’s new to me.

What new techniques did use?

I’ve always wanted to try a repetitive pattern. There’s a lot of artists I came up on that would use that a lot, but I’ve never attempted it before. I’ve never used the same word over and over, but this one, I heard that beat and it felt so hypnotic to me so I wanted try using a pattern at the end of every bar–picking a word as simple as “yeah” and going in and using that as a pattern to create this hypnotic rhythm in the verses.

It’s the first time I’ve ever tried it and I like the way it came out.

What inspired the song? 

The election was super fresh when I wrote it, and the Trump shit was in my mind. Plus I’ve always been fascinated by the subconscious, dreams, nightmares and the things that go on in your mind when you are on autopilot so I take any chance I get to visit that.

So with “Nightmare” you are experiencing the world for what it is right now but sometimes its hard to tell if you are awake or going through a nightmare you are about to wake up from.

Darwin would have been a great rapper because trying new things and evolving is an important step in building a long career. It can be challenging and nerve-wrecking, but when the result is like “Nightmare (Yeah),” a song that simultaneously breaks new ground and has new energy yet calls back to the artists foundation, the step Into The Further it’s a risk well worth taking.