WATCH: Amazing Drum Cover Of Busta Rhymes’ “Worldwide Choppers” Verse!

Oct 24 2018

The “Choppers” are an elite group of emcees; only the most rapid-fire, surgical emcees belong.

Whether it is Midwest or Worldwide, Tech N9ne provides a forum for some of raps most elite spitters to showcase their elite abilities, resulting in some of the most feverish, rapid-fire bars you can find.

Though it may not necessarily be in relation to Tech’s verse, this drum cover of Busta Rhyme’s verse on “Worldwide Choppers” from The Hybrid Drummer, can help you appreciate just how incredible the dexterity of the choppers is and how the style is eerily similar to a percussion instrument in and of itself.

It also shows off The Hybrid Drummers amazing skills too! To be able to keep up with the choppers takes some serious…well…chops.

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