Fan Reviews Independent Grind Tour [Video]

Oct 28 2010

Strange Music has built most of its success by functioning as a fan-first operation. Here we get to see the effect that Strange Music’s dedication has on its equally dedicated fanbase with this YouTube review of the Independent Grind Tour. Done by CGSoldier, the “original straight-edge Juggalo”, the review covers what he refers to as “one of the best experiences of my life.” Noteworthy is the ease of relation between CGSoldier and the Strange Music posse: while other acts such as Boondox (from Psychopathic Records) made him stutter and feel nervous, the vibe he felt with the Strange Music crew was completely relaxed and down-to-earth. CGSoldier relates his story of the meet-and-greet: finding out that he and Tech shared the same favorite Tech album, shooting the shit with Krizz Kaliko, and comparing KC Tea to Caribou Lou (Tea is good for getting drunk, Lou good for sex). CG Soldier relates how impressed he was by the West Coast acts Glasses Malone, Jay Rock, and E-40 before covering Tech’s set. An incident that sticks out is during Riot Maker someone landing directly on the reviewer’s head, pushing it into his shoulders. We’re happy he wasn’t paralyzed. This is an impassioned review that displays the dedication and love that Strange Music inspires from its fans.

Click here or watch below.