Independent Grind Tour Update: Atlanta, Georgia

Oct 29 2010

For the last show before the big homecoming this Saturday in Kansas City, the Independent Grind Tour made a stop in Atlanta, Georgia for a show at The Loft. The venue was packed full of fans and even T-Pain made an appearance to check out the proceedings, saying that it was the best hip hop show he had ever seen! The Independent Grind Tour will be on the road all day in order to make their triumphant return to Kansas City on Saturday night with a show at the Uptown Theater.

Fan Response:

“@TechN9ne in Atlanta=the best show ever. There’s no competition!”
“Just wanted to
apologize for having to handle them fools at the Loft last night. No disrespect intended! I just hate bullies, especially ones who think that being in a mma fight team means it’s ok to shove around those that payed to watch you perform. -One-”
TECH rocked A-T-L!!! Best hip hop show I’ve seen in a loooooooooong time!”
@therealBigScoob and the rest of his crew
wore me the fuck out at the show last night (no homo). I had to call in at work today. FUCK lol”
TechN9ne @THEREALSCENARIO @iamMakzilla @therealBigScoob @irvdaphenom @KrizzKaliko @KuttCalhoun ATLANTA LOVES YOU GUYS
yall jus fuckin tore atlanta down big homie ~EZ~
@TheRealBigScoob @
IrvDaPhenom @KrizzKaliko @KuttCalhoun @TechN9ne bout to show some folks how its REALLY done! FUCK T-PAIN! #YEAHISAIDIT
@kuttcalhoun t pain was a major a surprise @
e40 and all of strange was amazing as always ~EZ~”
“@KrizzKaliko I’m
overly excited about tonight’s show. And I know I’m not the only one!”
“1st time seeing @
TechN9ne @jayrock @gmalone @E40 tonight & they shut down ATL! Highly recommend their show.
CALI HAS INVADED THE ATL!!! Shout out 2 the big west homies @gmalone @jayrock @e40 @imHED shuttin #TheLoft DOWN 2nite! Great show….”
“This nigga @jayrock
got this bish ROCKIN!!!
TEECCCHH! GREAT show last night at the Loft. I wanted to get an autograph from you but we ran into some problems in the parking lot we parked in haha. If you saw a girl and two guys running across the road with a big ass piece of wood… that was my and my friends haha.”

Inglewood Muggs:

“What Else”???? Dat boy T-Pain said @techn9ne show was the best hip hop show he ever saw n his life. He was paying attn 2 @krizzkaliko show.”

UPDATE: We came across this video of T-Pain and E-40 performing on stage together. Click here or watch below.