Independent Grind Tour Update: Petaluma, California

Oct 7 2010

The Independent Grind Tour made its way to the Bay Area for a show at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma, California. Cognito being a Bay Area resident was able to attend the show, gathering a lot of love from the fans and his Strange Music family. The show went well with fanfare all around and Tech having fun with a couple ladies. Apparently speakers were getting busted during the show, which scared Big Scoob into thinking that people were busting off rounds backstage. The Independent Grind Tour rolls on for a show at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz.

Fan Response:

“you ROCKED SHIT in petaluma last night. hope you had fun with those 2 girls 😉 the blonde had some niiiiiiiiiice boobs!”

“tech had a great show as always last night… i just had no idea the place in petaluma was an all ages venue!! wtf type a shit is that NO DRINKS!!!??? and the security sooo tight i couldnt roll any weeed?!? damn shoulda done my homework before goin to The Phoenix in Petaluma cuz that place is fuccing weaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!”

Tech tore up 707 last night! Next time go to the LBC/wells Fargo center the phoenix is gay. At least the security recognized a playa thanks for the in and outs”

Big Scoob:

“Man I jus did my whole set clenchn my cheeks. I gotta shit tooo bad.”