Independent Grind Tour Update: Santa Cruz, California

Oct 8 2010

The Independent Grind Tour made its next California stop with a show at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Tech did numbers like “Keep It One Hunit” from The Gates Mixed Plate which allowed Big Scoob and Glasses to spit their respective verses. The show went well to much fanfare. The next stop for the tour is in Anaheim, California for a show at The Grove of Anaheim.

Fan Response:

“@KrizzKaliko Ya killed it in Petaluma & Santa Cruz, homie. “Get Active” is insane live. Way to kill the stage & steal the show!”
“(to Tech) You were fucking
AMAZINGG last night in Santa Cruz! Can’t wait ’til you come through again:))”
Boss shiz in Petaluma & Santa Cruz, dawg. Glad ya did ya verses from ‘Sorry ‘n Shit’ and ‘Keep it 100.’ SALUE, homie!”

Big Scoob:

“Santa cruz hella pakd. Hella hot. And hella turnt”