Absolute Power: Fans Support Bad Season Mixtape, Set Traffic Records To XXLmag.com [Social]

Dec 27 2010

As promised, the Tech N9ne Bad Season mixtape presented by XXL magazine, and quarterbacked by 50 Cent’s DJ Whoo Kid, hit the web last week–two days earlier than previously expected and fans went to the web to show their appreciation.

The comments posted on the XXL post were astronomical–netting 390+ comments (yes, comments) alone on the XXL website over the past weekend, and that post continues to shatter traffic records on the XXL website. Check out a few of the comments found on the post at XXL:

J.Phatts said: “Dawg, this shit is FREE!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck yes!!!! TECH N9NE ALL DAY GODAMMIT!!! Greatest muthafuckin rapper and human being of all time!”

HU said: “Happy holidays to all! And props to XXL for representing real music for the first time in a long time.”

justynh said: “damn im gettin this ASAP…… this ring also? is this a new updated version of the old trk? cant wait, few minutes to go.”

00JBear said: “this shit goes HARD!!!”

Gunna said: “Wake up EVERYBODY!!!!!! Tha future of Hip- Hop is here!!!!”

Mike m said: “FUCK YES! Thanks for the early xmas present…..Let us Technicians know when a hard copy comes out cause 128bit just dont cut it for us hard core fans.”

Matt Birdsell said: “How the hell you gonna release a mixtape THIS dope for FREE?!?! Man, Strange done did it again….fuck standin by a bar…you raise the bar in the industry!”

Christian Davila said: “WOW Tech and STRANGE Music Inc. NEVER FAIL TO DISSAPOINT! Tech is in 11 FULL LENGTH ALBUMS and is BARELY doin his first Mixtape! All you other INDUSTRY Punks gotta listen and learn how to make real music! Underground for life! Im VERY PROUD to say, the INDUSTRY is goin STRANG!!!! TECHNICIAN4LIFE!!”

Joe said: “Thanks Tech & XXL this is def the best X-mas present i got this year, Ive been listen to tech for like 10yrs its nice to watch him finally receiving the respect he deserves, he has always been the one of the best rappers in my opinion an a lotta others, so get it going Strange Music B**ch!”

Drastiq_J said: “Thanks XXL and Tech! This is pretty much the only damn thing I’m getting for xmas. I know it’s gonna be awesome!

9 and nothin else said: “thank you xxl, thank you strange music!, thank you whoo kid, and thank you tech n9ne for gracing us with the most beautiful music ever.. tech n9ne is the king of rap… thank you”

BuggD said: “Soowoop Woop! Ohh My God! Every track I have heard so far is the dopest thing I have ever heard in my life! Strange For ever! MCL”

KaliKron said: “Seems like the return of Tech to me….KC King…. Only half way through the mixtape and its already on my top Tech albums list.”

Scottynutz said: “the muthafuckin shit. the team shines as bright as ever. It only gets better everytime. Props to XXL get back into real music and listen to the people. Free music that slams in out the park. I will be adding XXL to my reading agenda. love the tape everyone!! great job.”

Chris said: “Been waiting for this forever!! Only a few minutes left to download. TECH N9NE = Best Rapper Alive. Merry Christmas to everyone, and Tech, thank you for letting us get this album for free. Best Christmas present ever!!! Keep it STRANGE!!!!”

Renegade210 said: “Ok first things first. The industry is about to be going STRANGE!!!!! This album is just proof of that ,Tech is already Huge be hes just about to get even bigger! This album is SICK!!!!=) Tech is the illest rapper out there with the sickest rappers in STRANGE AND IN THE GAME IN GENERAL! ITS STRANGE ALL DAY AND THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO KNOW IT! Lets see all the mainstream rappers try to make songs with tech now hahah”

Travis K said: “When I say Tech you say N9ne! Tech… N9NE! When I say Tech Tech you say N9ne N9ne! Tech Tech… N9NE N9NE!!! Dope as fuck mixtape!!! The whole world is gonna be listenin to Tech!”

EagleTalon said: “I am forever a Tech N9ne fan. Have been since calm before the storm. And I think the thing that keeps me listening to Tech and all of Strange’s roster is their ability to evolve and grow as artist but still stay hungry for success. I believe too many mainstream artists these days forget what got them where they are and thats why their success diminishes while Tech and Strange continue to grow. God bless Tech and Strange and much continued success!”

south dakota boy said: “hell yea tech is one of few rappers that still give us love. and every year he comes back. yea he may not make as much as doing a show in LA or Miami but that just shows he has true heart for the game”

Rock_Chalk_Tech said: “TechN9cians! Keep posting comments on this!. . Tech already broke and set the record yesterday for most comments on a post. . . and broke and is setting another one today!!!! Independent Ballin!!!! TECH N9NE!”


Eddie said: “Damn tech…. thanks for the free tape.. just going to add it to all the other Tech cds i have.. Thanks for bringing the total to 14..merry f**kin Christmas to me lol and all the rest of the tech fans out there! and again thanks Tech”

DAvid said: “There is no way I am going to get a better Christmas present than this… Tech N9ne & the strange crew kill it every time.. This mixtape dominates all others!! STRAAAAAANGE MUSIC!!!!”

Robert Bennett said: “tech mofuckin n9ne, doin big things baby, corrupt the mofuckin mainstream, make it easier for the sick n twisted to get in n eat that cake baby, plus, i mean, u r the greates, baddest, illest rappin bastard out there, keep on keepin on, STRAAAANGGGEEE!!!!!”

Justin said: “Wow, I love this mixtape. Tech never dissapoints, he deserves all the recognition finally coming his way. Smart thinking putting some of his old tracks on here too. Only complaints are Krizz Kaliko on almost every single chorus and too many features. I feel like having so many others doing verses inhibited Tech from shining to the fullest. I think that’s why I love Losin’ My Mind so much, it feels like a breath of fresh air. Overall great mixtape though; I’d give it a 9/10”

And the mentions above are just a FEW of the many comments posted on the XXL website… We also found this:

article mentioning the role XXL’s Vanessa Satten played in introducing Tech N9ne to her peoples and Travis was quick to show his appreciation for exposing his favorite rapper to XXL Magazine and the likes of 50 Cent and DJ Whoo Kid.

Along with the hundreds of comments posted by fans on the XXL website, word got around and most of the top hip hop websites, like, HipHopDx.com, 2DopeBoyz and RapRadar (to name a few) mentioned the Bad Season mixtape on their websites. When forces collided, it made for an interesting mix of mentions on the social web–some people who had never heard of Tech N9ne were showing their support for the new mixtape along with enthusiastic Techn9cians hitting the web to share and tweet the download link for the mixtape. Below are a just a few of the mentions found during our social search:

EDITOR’S NOTE: We understand that some of you fans were concerned with the compression quality with the mixtape and we’re doing our best to find a solution.

What did you think of the Bad Season mixtape? How would you rate it compared to Tech’s other releases? What about for 2010 releases, how does Bad Season stack up? Did you post a comment on XXL’s post? What do you think of Tech getting all of this attention with the Bad Season mixtape? Did you see some of the noteworthy comments we missed?

It’s not too late to be a part of the record setting post on XXLmag.com! Go here, post your comment and show your support for Tech N9ne and the Bad Season mixtape!