Tech N9ne LIVE @ South By Southwest Film And Music Festival [Video]

Mar 18 2011

Tech N9ne brought his signature dynamic stage presence and machine-gun lyrical assault to the unsuspecting audience of South by Southwest with his performance at the VIBE House on Wednesday, March 16, 2011. VIBE captured the entire set on its UStream broadcast, which garnered over 900 viewers during its entirety! It’s just another testament to this independent movement we like to call Strange Music!

Watch the performance below:


3:54“Come Gangsta” has the whole crowd throwing their hands in the air just like the chorus says to do.
5:30 – A crooning Krizz Kaliko emerges onto the stage.
7:47 – Kutt Calhoun makes his stage appearance.
7:51 – Tech N9ne: “I fucking love youuuuuuuu!!!!!” and proceeds to give a shout out to the fans: “These motherfuckers in here and out there, they my real motherfuckin’ fans God damnit!” No doubt a nod to the herd of Techn9cians that showed up for the show
11:35 – Tech and Kutt get their “walk on” during a spirited and hyphy performance of “O.G.”
11:51 – “Make some motherfuckin’ noise for the newest member of Strange Music, JAY ROCK in this motherfucker!”
12:36 – The enthusiastic Texas crowd launches into “KC, MO….Rollllllll!” before Tech and company leave the stage.

Set List:
“Seepage”Seepage EP
“Come Gangsta”Everready
“Blackened The Sun”K.O.D.
“O.G.”The Gates Mixed Plate

Check out this clip of Tech N9ne from backstage just as he enters the crowd. Shout out to Cross-Eyed Joe for the footage!