‘Seriously Dope’ – Fans React To New ¡MAYDAY! Music [Social]

Jan 26 2012

Mayday "Death March"Along with releasing an official trailer for Take Me To You Leader, ¡MAYDAY! also dropped the album’s first single, “Death March”, making the Miami based group one of the hottest topics on the web this week.

The release of “Death March” comes soon after ¡MAYDAY!’s collaboration effort, “Internal Wars” featuring M1 of Dead Prez and Reks. With Plex Luthor once again stepping in for production credits, Wrekonize and Bernz take over the verses on this grim single driven by one of the grungiest bass lines to ever land on a record. Like hip hop warriors armed with social commentary and a taste for complex rhythms, ¡MAYDAY! continues to display an exceptional skill for expanding the sound listeners expect from the Strange Music brand. Soon after the release of the single, fans began buzzing and shared their excitement for new ¡MAYDAY! music on Twitter and Facebook. With Take Me To Your Leader scheduled for release on 3/26/12, fans won’t have to wait much longer to strap up and join the ¡MAYDAY! movement.

Check out what fans had to say on Facebook:

“Just heard ‘Death March’ right now, I hope this album blows the competition away! Strange Music, boy!” – Shilo Sandoval Tso

“can not wait to see what other tracks you guys do your music is amazing 😀 i loved death march!” – Aaron James Lee Simpson

“Death March; Another masterpiece of a beat from Plex! Song is great all in all!” – Berwa H. Mahmod

“Was checking all day waiting for death march and release date to drop 🙂 heart skipped a beat when it was finally up here! Props to chu for another awesome song! I am interested to see this one live, Mayday death march at shows? hmmmm iiinteresting ¡Take Me To Your Leader!” – Julia Klumb

“Yo Death March is fuckin dope dude. Guess I’ll see y’all in SoDak” – Kam Shemy Condon

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