‘Where Would YOU Go?’ – Fans Share Their Destinations For Dinner With Tech N9ne

Aug 21 2012

Where Would You Go For Dinner With Tech N9ne?

Steak? BBQ? Italian? What kind of meal would you share with the Kansas City King?

That’s the question we presented fans with as the Crossroads KC Eat and Greet Contest has everyone in Strangeland ready to eat dinner with Tech N9ne.

The contest not only guarantees you and a friend (friend must have ticket to the show) a spot at the table with the king, but also upgrades your ticket to a VIP experience!

With so many places and types of food to choose from, where do you go for dinner with Tech N9ne?

Check out what fans on the web had to say!

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“Fuckin’ IHOP, man.” – Tler Tyler

“GATES!!! of course !” – Darlene Elane

“Fuckin’ POPEYE’S CHICKEN MAN” – Shawn Grapp

“TACO BELL!” – Juggacrow RA

” Golden Corral(:” – Frances Elizabeth Johnson

McDonalds!!! Oh yeah” – Kim Pettersson

“Olie Gates” – Chad Hagger

“Hooters.. Duh ha.” – Eli Escalona

“Mongolian grill! I would love to sit n chat with Tech.” – Cait-A-Saurus West

“Where ever! Shit I aint picky ! Hahaha!! Bet he likes him some tasty tacos. Lmao! XD” – Jessica Lee

“Brotha Lynchs house” – Bobby Sketch Bueno

“The Cheese Cake Factory” – Brick House

“Anywhere they serve Caribou Lou’s :)” – Mike Acklin

“Applebee’s” – Jordan Romero

“PF Changs!” – Sharp Sharpenoski

“Gates!!!” – Samantha Simpson

“Buddah in KC” – Kelly Nicole Wilborn

“My place on THE Highland Ave! Or PF Changs and buy him shots of sake again! Haha” – Daniel Vernon

“Wherever he wanted to go, of course !!! It would be awesome to see his fave KC spots in real life with the KC king himself.♥;)” – KaysieeBoo Clement

“To get a BIG steak from Mortons steak house! YUMMM :)” – Amber Carlson

“Gates BBQ, yum” – Lindsay Orchard

“Anything Italian!!” – DeAnna Hall Thompson

“I wouldn’t Go anywhere I’d have him come to my house n ima cook him some good old fashion Home cooked food just the way momma used to make it lol” – Amy ‘lady Shortie’ Andrews

“Minskis Pizza” – Dan Pedersen

” Go Chicken Go” – Matthew David Penman

” Golden Corral so that we could play in the chocolate waterfall together. Them chocolate covered rice crispy treats are boss!” – Amber Whoopwhoop Walker

“Gates & Sons BBQ. In KCMO” – Ryan Shields

“Got to be BBQ Brisket at Aurthur Bryant’s!!!!” – D-Ray Winfrey

“Oklahoma Joe’s for some brisket and ribs!” – WIN Productions

“Applebee’s or Waffle House” – Rhonda K. Mcdaniel

“GATES AND SONS BBQ!!” – Hector Nuno

“Minskis fucking Pizza” – Anthony Paese

“Falafel King !!!!!!!!!!!! Where else????????” – Dubz Clusive

“Fogo De Chao of course!” – Cody Meyer

“Capital grill on the plaza….” – Marcus Allen Parman

“Fogo De Chao. Very classy, and always delicious. KCs finest sirloins and lamb. I took my girl there for prom, very great reviews by our whole party.” – Brendan Thomas

“Oklahoma Joes!!” – Jaime Farias Jr.

“Arthur Bryants all day” – Zach Fontenot

” Arthur Bryant’s” – Ron Lee

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  • Where would you go for dinner with Tech N9ne?

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