‘Don’t Tweet This’ – Fans Share Their Craziest House Party Stories

Sep 18 2012

Fans Share Their Wildest House Party Stories

A legendary house party always makes for a good story and if you’ve ever had a party like the one featured in Tech N9ne’s “Don’t Tweet This” music video, chances are you’ll never forget it.

Between Jello shots and a whole lotta hot tub action, “Don’t Tweet This” is a pretty good look at what it’s like to party with Tech N9ne. Inspired by the rowdy video, we decided to ask you, the fans, to share your craziest house party stories with us.

Little did we know that some of the stuff we would receive would put Animal House to shame. Someone needs to send us an invite next time because these parties are where it’s at!


Check out the submissions below!

I was on probation and lived w my brother me and 2 of my dudes had this group of girls ready to party and couldn’t party at any of our places bc the other ppl that lived there worked first shift so one of my dudes is like fuck it I been workin OT Let’s get a hotel room . So we got a room at the Motel 8 .. We take in our liquor and beer along w a dvd player and surround sound system but we are like fuck . . We wanna play beer pong and so do these bitches so we take the bathroom door off set it up on this table in the room and used the shower curtain as a bathroom door haha! . .

The room stayed packed all night! No police no complaints . had people sleepin all across the floor packed corner to corner like the drunk tank on cinco de mayo . . With liquor bottles and empty cases of beer broke down stacked from the floor up past the dresser and a trashcan full haha. . Housekeeping comes knockin and my buddy’s layin w his head against the door woke up like someone was thumpin on his head like its past checkout haha. . He jumped up cracked the door still drunk like I’ll be out in a minute. . So they go in the next room we creep out leave the mess for housekeeping in the room where only 1 person was supposed to be staying haha! –Submitted by Greg Ayers


U asked about wildest house parties ever been to…I was maybe 17 (always hung w/older guys & girls) went to a party that happened to be an after rave party!! It was a little 3 bedroom house somewhere in KCMO,well me & my ex had just broke up- I popped few a X (dont do that no more after i OD’d on 16 w/in 24 hours) anyway I went to this door that I noticed people kept going into to get away from my ex that kept following me, and I was shocked to see a room full of naked ass people and a hot tub right smack dab in the middle of the garage!

I was feeling pretty good at this point so it doesn’t really bother me, but it was quite bizarre to see me a fully clothed DJ spinning in 1 corner of the garage and a couple of people that had have their clothes on having a conversation about music and life on 1 side of the room take gestured for me to come join them! then you had the group of people in the hot tub having full on orgies!!or just the people having sex outside the hot tub! who would stop in the middle to smoke a cigarette- HAHAHA! that cracked my ass up! especially since half them couldnt keep their dick hard no matter how bad or hard #noPUNintended! They tried! but all in all it was crazy but good times! #STRANGEMUSICALLDAY&NIGHT – Submitted by Jessyka Winters


Just Moved To Minneapolis With The Wife & Kids, My Wife Left The House With Me In The First Month Of Being There, YES! But Leading Up Until She Left I Didn’t Know How I Was Going TO Party! I Made Friends With A SMOKING Hot BBW Who Was My Exact Neighbour To My Right. Her Man & A Few Friends Had A Band. A High School Basement Band! The SEXY BANG. I Say One Of My ALL Time Unsigned Never Seen Again Bands! I Miss Them………… Any Ways I Made Friends With The Band So Quick & I Asked If They Would Play My Living Room! They Said Yes, My Wife Was Cool With The WHOLE Idea, So I Had My First Real House Party. I All I Had To Do Was Provide The Space & They Brought Everything Else! Kids, Grown Ass People, Keg, Liquor, Food & A Real Good Time! I Made A Poster For The Back Drop, Cause I Recorded It All! Except For The Opening Which The Trumpet Player Opened With! VERY SWEET! I Lost The DVD In The Move But Its Not To Say It Didn’t Happen Cause They Were There The Kids Were There & My Wife Said I Could Have It!

They Played 8 Songs I Believe & All There Own Too! By 1130pm The Place Was Clear Of People Except For The Cool Cats & A In~law Of Mine Who Made It Her Biz To Help Me Out When I Was Getting Green Off The Heat! They Recorded Me On The Couch With The Lead Singer JOE, Singing My Girl My Girl Don’t Lie To Me Tell Me Where Did You Puke Last Night!!! Then A Guy Walk In, A Black Dude, And Says To Joe Who Has Guitar In Hand, Your The Drummer Right! & Everyone Around Started Laughing Even I Gave A Chuckle! I Woke In The Morning To A Spot Less House, Nothing Robbed, Nothing Broken, Yard Spot Less, No One There, My Camcorder By My Face & Half Keg In The Back! Well Joe & Kayla Cleaned My House Before They Left Moved Out All The Equipment In The House & Made Sure I Was Locked Down Before They Went Home! I Went Over To See Them. I Was SO HUNG OVER. They Asked Me TO Breakfast SO I Went… Bad Move. We Went Not To Far & Ordered To Sit IN! I Didn’t Last, I Was A Sweaty Mess & I Needed To Throw Up! They Took Me Home & That Was It! My One Kid Got Home & I Still Needed To Take Him Out Cause He Was New To The City! Best Thing At The Party, They Said Thanks To CHADADA For Letting Us Put On Our First Show Outta The Basement! ME! Lesson, Never Drink Heavily In 90+ Weather When You Need To Maintain Your Own House Party! I Was Lucky I Woke With Everything Except The Drinks I Drank! THROW UP! – Submitted by FACELESS LiteStAr


Back in July I went to a mansion party that was literally 3-4 streets from my home on a dead end street not even 0.1 miles in length. It was right on the water (I live in Bradenton, FL) and it was PACKED. I’m talking 2-300 DEEP in and OUT of the house…. Everything was all good until about 1 AM when everyone was wasted and a fight broke out in the front yard. It was literally a RIOT. 40-50 people were swinging and knocking heads, right in front of me I saw someone fall back and he hit his head on the sidewalk, and amidst all the commotion and ruckus, you could hear his skull crack on the pavement. Shortly after, me and my friends regrouped to my car and were getting ready to leave.

Upon getting in the car and finally pulling out of the grass, the fight was moved to the MIDDLE OF THE STREET! I couldn’t even move my car! So me and my friends stuck our heads out the windows telling people to move as we creeped up to the end of the street. Remember when I said the street wasn’t even 0.1 miles in length? Took us 25-30 minutes to get off the damn road because people kept fighting! Finally back on the road, we were cutting roads to get back to the main road when we saw 2 Sheriff’s cars FLY by speeding with the sirens on and everything and 2 more not too far behind them. We left around 1:30-2am, but I heard from a friend the fights were still going on well into 3:30-5am. The reason the fight broke out? My DUMBASS FRIEND got wasted and started smashing and breaking everything in the owners’ house. For example, he took a $400 glass vase and smashed it on the wall right in front of the owner and, shortly after, was swinging pool sticks around nearly hitting people! So as a result he got jumped and the party got crashed due to everybody fighting. There’s my party story…. hahaha! – Submitted by A-Game

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