HipHopDX Names Tech N9ne’s ‘The Rain’ In ‘Top 10 Hip Hop Songs Celebrating Fatherhood’

Jun 13 2013

Tech N9ne and Son Dontez

And my kids, all three of ’em suffer in the worst ways
Cause last year I missed all three of they birthdays
So when you see me with me eyes full of pain
Give me love cause these are three of the reason why I call the road ‘the rain’

– Tech N9ne “The Rain”

In celebration of Father’s Day, HipHopDX commemorated one of the most interesting father figures in hip hop.

To commemorate the upcoming Sunday holiday, HipHopDX tallied 10 songs from hip hop that celebrate fatherhood. Out of the 10 emcees and the songs listed, Tech N9ne is cited with undoubtedly one of the most heart-wrenching and complex songs in “The Rain” from Everready.

The deceptively upbeat-sounding track features Tech talking about the drawbacks of fame on his family, and even has his daughter Alyia bust an inquisitive middle verse, with questions like “Will mommy still love you and be with you everyday?” The song stands as one of Tech N9ne’s greatest and most truthful offerings to the world of music and fatherhood.

HipHopDX writes:

If you are familiar with Tech N9ne’s music or rapping style, you know that it is extremely unique: he expands on what’s come before, while adding a little bit of his own special sauce. His approach to parenting seems to be no different, as he takes advantage of all the resources at his disposal in raising his children. For instance, Tech N9ne released a video on his record label’s YouTube channel urging people to vote for his daughter for homecoming queen. As he explains, “It’s me, Tech N9ne, urging you to vote Alyia Yates for homecoming queen because she’s beautiful, she’s funny, and she has a wonderful heart. An angel heart. How do I know? Because she has my heart. Why? Because I created her.” His other daughter Reign and his son Dontez have likewise made public appearances. Both his daughters are on the 2006 track “The Rain.” They describe the unique and no less sad struggles of the children of celebrities. His son Dontez is mentioned on the songs “This Is Me” and “P.A.S.E.O.” The self-proclaimed owner of an evil brain and angel heart, seems to always be comfortable displaying the latter when it comes to his offspring.

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