'Even Naysayers May Turn Into Believers' – HipHopDX Reviews ¡MAYDAY!'s 'Believers'

Jul 15 2013

If ¡MAYDAY!’s mission is to turn us all into Believers, then they certainly hit the mark with this album.

HipHopDX is the first to come out of the gate with what is the first of probably many glowing reviews for ¡MAYDAY!’s sophomore Strange Music album Believers.

The review written by Andres Vasquez explores the category-defying quality that has come to define the ¡MAYDAY! sound. You don’t know what to call their awesome combination of sounds and influences except for one word: dope.

An excerpt from the review:

¡Mayday!’s genre-bending bodes well on many occasions. “Shots Fired,” “HighRide” and the Irv Da Phenom-assisted “My Life,” for instance, are fine examples of Pop sensibilities in the group’s polished, melodic, upbeat, catchy-as-hell hooks. While still keeping those qualities intact, “Tear Shit Down” and “Marathon Man,” for example, showcase a great Rock influence in the crew’s musical style. And through most of the record, these Pop and Rock tendencies don’t necessarily overshadow ¡Mayday!’s Hip Hop roots. But peep “On That Jack” or “Shortcuts And Dead Ends” for more of May’s Rap work, and you’re quickly reminded that this is a Strange Music release with strong Hip Hop ties.

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¡MAYDAY! - Believers

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