MURS Responds To LA Clippers Former Owner Donald Sterling’s Suspension From The NBA

Apr 30 2014

Murs Sterling

Amidst the ever-growing discussion of the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments caught on tape and the decision to remove him from the NBA for life, MURS was hit up for his opinion and dropped his two cents.

As a black man that grew up in the ghettos of Los Angeles, the topic of discussion is not new to MURS at all. While the comments caught on tape were shocking to much of America, MURS isn’t surprised in the least, as he told XXL:

Being from L.A., I heard a lot of negative things from Donald Sterling growing up, and it wasn’t completely surprising. I also know the troubles. A lot of people of color had trouble getting into ownership in professional sports. So I always assumed there ware some type of racism at that level in the game. It took Michael Jordan so long, it took Bob Johnson just to get involved, and there is nobody in the NFL or MLB [who is a franchise owner]. Older white men all come from a pre-Civil Rights America. I don’t think those teachings they learn as children or young adults just disappear when they get money. They probably get reinforced, more reassured and less cultured as they got older. I guess I wasn’t surprised.

MURS also responds to Homeboy Sandman’s controversial article (you can read our Indie Spotlight on Homeboy Sandman by clicking here) in which Sandman questioned the readiness of Black America (and people in general) to stand up to institutionalized racism.

I was reading Homeboy Sandman’s article and what he’s saying is if everybody is not ready to be down, then I don’t think anyone should expect the Los Angeles Clippers to throw away their season. But it would be amazing to me, and really inspiring, if all the players in the NBA sat down until [Sterling] got put out. To me that would make a hell of a statement for Black America; my hat would be off for them. I’m not expecting them to do that, they don’t owe us that. But it would be a huge dynamic and welcomed statement from where I see things.




  • What do you think of the decision to ban Donald Sterling? Is it a victory?

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