MURS Announces Lineup For Hip Hop Stage At The 2014 Sunset Strip Music Festival

Aug 20 2014

MURS Stage Sunset Strip Music Festival

Who do you go to when you want a hip hop presence at your Los Angeles music festival? Who else?

MURS took to HipHopDX to announce some of the acts on his special MURS 316 Stage at The 2014 Sunset Strip Music Festival. It marks the first time there has been a stage at the festival that’s solely dedicated to hip hop and MURS is proud to be the ambassador for his thriving local scene, as he says in the article published by HipHopDX:

“I never pass up an opportunity to help Hip Hop in LA progress. This is huge for us because if you’re from Black and Latino culture especially, we’ll come from East LA, we’ll come from South LA, from mid-city to cruise Sunset and the police are telling us, ‘No.’”

MURS says that DJ Quik, Joey Fatts and Aston Matthews are just a few of the artists to take the stage on the festival which goes down in West Hollywood on September 20 and 21!

Congratulations to MURS and the entire hip hop scene of Los Angeles!

Click here to read the article and watch the exclusive DX interview with MURS.

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