King 810 Lead Singer Finds Similarities Between King 810 And Tech N9ne, Talks Upcoming ‘Special Effects’ Tour

Jan 23 2015

King 810 Tech N9ne

Even in between genres, sometimes the song truly remains the same. According to King 810’s charismatic lead singer David Gunn, the parallels between his band’s music and Tech N9ne’s aren’t hard to find.

In this interview with Rock Sins, David Gunn talks the upcoming Special Effects Tour, where his band King 810 (along with Zuse, MURS and Chris Webby) will be opening up for Tech N9ne on what should be Tech’s biggest tour yet. According to David, even though his band and Tech N9ne might be in wildly different genres, it made total sense to hop on the Special Effects Tour.

What’s next for King 810?

I think we go home after this week, we go to Sound Wave in Australia and then we go home and then we have a Tech N9ne tour in the States. So yeah… I imagine someone’s going to say something about that tour I imagine.

Yeah, that’s just another thing that… I mean not a lot of people really fuck with King. Like everyone seems to know who we are, everyone seems to have an opinion about us, but regardless of what you might think, it’s not like we don’t have all these friends. I don’t feel like a lot of people are on our side on the music shit, you know, so we choose carefully who we work with, you know? When Slipknot asked us to come and Korn, that was obvious and that was something we would do, but we felt like Slipknot wasn’t Slipknot. What they are, you know, and who they were just because there was a big tour, we wouldn’t have went just because it was a big tour. It’s the same thing with Tech N9ne, I don’t see any crazy differences between what we’re doing and what he’s doing. It’s like… First up, I don’t see much difference between the music, both styles, as far as the origin, where they come from, what they’re about and things they talk about and things like that. So, to me, I see just like the core of what it actually is, not sonically how it sounds. So when he says, “You want to go on this tour with me?” We don’t think about what most people think about would be what does this look like? Who’s going to consider what does this mean to people? What look is this for the band? What this or that, like I said before when we were talking, where we don’t really consider anyone else’s. This is the same thing with making those decisions is that we don’t really necessarily care. If it’s what we want to do, then we just do it, you know what I mean? So that’s what we did and that will put us through until June. So that’s the next few months.

If you want to get a glimpse into the mind and motivation of Flint, Michigan’s most talked about band, then you definitely need to check out this fascinating interview.




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