WATCH: Wrekonize – “Nightmare (Yeah)” – Official Music Video

Apr 21 2017

As we inch closer to the release of Into The Further–set to drop May 5th–Wrekonize gives us another peek into his second solo album!

After releasing  “Clones” and “Unknown Number” dropped sonically, Wrek is introducing us to “Nightmare (Yeah)” via a set of visuals featuring some eerie, dark shots that really accentuate the ominous tone of the song.

Speaking of the song, atop Streetrunner’s haunting production–engined by the booming bass–Wrekonize wrestles with a bad dream where he’s living in a world filled with corruption, evil but too distracted, almost too jaded, to realize.

The most haunting part? It might not be a dream after all….

You can purchase “Nightmare (Yeah)” on iTunes now and be sure to pre-order the album via Strange Music to get your Into The Further pre-order pack and be automatically entered to win one of two amazing prizes!