Berklee College Of Music Blog Covers Strange Music

Jul 10 2009

The Berklee Music Publishing & Songwriting Blog had a great piece written by Eric Beall that covers Strange Music and the success the company has enjoyed over the years as being one of the most successful independent rap record labels in the world. Eric Beall wrote:

“I’ll admit it– being caught up in the NY music business game, it’s a little bit surprising to find out that the industry is being reinvented somewhere in Kansas City.

Luckily, I have those of you who regularly read this blog, one of whom was able to clue me into the Tech N9ne phenomenon, which frankly, I had completely missed. In a response to one of the blogs, Arthur Fischer had cited Tech N9ne as an example of a massively successful independent artist who had escaped the need for radio play and expensive promotion. Interestingly, only a month or two later, I opened Billboard to find a full article about Tech N9ne’s groundbreaking business model. It’s worthwhile reading for any independent musician in any style…”

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