‘Monsterifik’ In Stores Now

Sep 15 2009

(Los Angeles, CA – August 2009) – BIG SCOOB’s voice, presence and personality are so booming, they’re … Monsterifik. His fans feel it, and so too did Tech N9ne when he signed the Kansas City native to Strange in April 2009. On Sept. 15, 2009, the most successful independent Hip Hop artist in history will introduce the world to BIG SCOOB with TECH N9NE PRESENTS BIG SCOOB MONSTERIFIK, the second album released under the “Tech N9ne Presents” title (Krizz Kaliko’s Vitiligo was the first). BIG SCOOB’s Strange Music debut features the radio singles “Salue” and “Big Fella” and rap heavyweights 8Ball & MJG, Tech N9ne, B-Legit and J Richter from Kottonmouth Kings.

During his teenage years and early 20s, SCOOB lived life as a gangbanger while growing up on 56th and Highland. He considers himself fortunate to have survived. SCOOB first met Tech N9ne when the two squared off in a beatboxing competition during their junior high days at Bingham Middle School. The young rhymesayers quickly became friends, especially when SCOOB learned that Tech lived in his same neighborhood. Later they helped form the successful local rap group, 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains, which released four albums under Midwestside Records, including the popular single, “Let’s Get Fucked Up.”

After falling away from the music scene for several years, it was Tech who helped coax SCOOB back, particularly within the past year. Tech asked SCOOB to perform a series of collaborations, rekindling the magic they experienced while with 57th Street RDVs and fueling SCOOB’s desire to return to the rap game. SCOOB is ready to make his grand reappearance.

“In every city, every state, there’s ghettos,” SCOOB says. “I believe when I tell my story, there’s millions of niggas who share the same story. I believe if I can get them to just listen to the music, it’s about to be something big.” SCOOB will be on the K.O.D. Tour 2009 launching in October.