Kutt Calhoun Shoots 'Naked' Music Video

Apr 22 2010

Kutt just finished up a music video shoot for his new single “Naked” from his upcoming album Raw & Un-Kutt. Being that his new single is called “Naked”, it probably isn’t hard to figure out the theme of the video: “Girls, girls…and more girls.” To start things off right, Kutt and the Liquid 9 crew began the shoot at an undisclosed-strip club. Kutt and company made themselves at home, totally in their element and having a great time with the girls. Because the shoot was done during business hours, the whole scene probably left a lot of paying customers–many old men–wondering what was going on. After the scene at the strip club was completed, it was onward to the warehouse at Liquid 9 to finish the shoot. Kutt brought back the strippers, along with his fellow Strange Music artists Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob, and Makzilla (of “Areola” fame).

The opening scene was shot at the warehouse: Kutt and his posse walk into the building. The warehouse is completely bare. Kutt’s friends are skeptical: “are you sure this is the spot?” Kutt assures that it is, and lo and behold, the ladies appear out of nowhere–the party is underway. The shoot was very festive at this point. Not too much happened off-camera that wasn’t being captured on-camera: everyone drinking and having a great time at a full-blown stripper party. The party went on into the early morning and the shoot was finally over. Knowing Liquid 9’s impeccable track record for making awesome music videos, the video for “Naked” is sure to be a party for everyone to enjoy. Raw & Un-Kutt will be available in stores on June 8th, 2010.