A Couple Of Tracks From ‘Raw And Un-Kutt’ Produced By Axis [Song]

Jun 11 2010

Kutt Calhoun’s latest release, Raw and Un-Kutt, includes a couple songs produced by Justin “Axis” Patton. Axis produced the tracks, Dark Knights” featuring Brotha Lynch Hung and “Calling My Name. Axis recently produced several tracks for the Brotha Lynch Hung recent release, Dinner And A Movie, including the single from the album “Meat”.

Here is some more info on Axis we found on the web:

When you think of the word Axis, several images come to mind. The first thing you might think about is the earth’s Axis which passes thru the North and South poles. From there, depending on how deep you think, you just might end up in the world of Justin Patton…The Axis around which the rap world is bound to revolve!! Born in the hustle town of Kansas City, Mo and rapping since the 5th grade, Axis is the root that gave birth to some of the hardest battle lyrics that the midwest has heard in a long time. Raised in the same streets of the urban great Tech 9, Axis is taking his career to a whole new level with the ease and stability of a veteren. With a “me against the world” mindstate and two complete albums under his belt, “Grind Time” and “Back Like I Left Something”, Axis is as raw as they come! Expanding his versatility into the production field, he is well on his way to becoming the rap game’s next hottest producer as well!! With several career making breakthroughs on his wall of achievements, he has produced tracks for many of the best in the industry…and the list is growing. “The New Breath Of The West” by Juice, The Games new artist on Black Wallstreet, “Made Sicc” ft Brotha Lynch and numerous other tracks floating across the airwaves of the industry today, were produced and strategically placed by this up and coming entrepeneur! You can catch him making noise all over the internet (from Soundclick to Rawkus..to Hip Hop Game.com…ect..ect) as well as on a consistantly growing number of albums on the Mixtape and Compilation circut such as “New Epicenter Of Hip Hop”, “Silence The Enemy”, “Status Platinum”, DJ WHO KID’s “Wack DJ Get Back” ft SHADIVILLE”S DJ WOOGIE and many many more. This Young Man speaks to the hood with a passion likened only unto the wise, but captures the visions of the young and gifted combined in a grenade of rebelliousness! Poised to take his position in all the hoods across America and beyond, Axis has strapped up his boots and is definetly ready for the rap race to the top.

Raw and Un-Kutt, the newest release from Kutt Calhoun features the singles “Naked (Boom Boom Room)” and “Get Kutt”. Kutt’s third release with Strange Music also features Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, Joe Budden, E-40, Too Short and more. Raw and Un-Kutt is now available on iTunes or you can order your copy today!