‘Flip It Ova’ Produced By Evsclusive [Song]

Jun 11 2010

Kutt Calhoun’s latest release, Raw and Un-Kutt, includes a song, “Flip It Ova, produced by Everitt “Evsclusive” Edwards.

Here is some more info on Evsclusive taken from his Myspace:

Evsclusive Music is meaning of life. At the very least, it expresses the vitality of life on all levels. For Evsclusive – Everitt Edwards of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – is an artist whose musical work is at the very heart of life. It’s his driving passion and the hip-hop and R&B he crafts is full of hooks and intelligence, solidly produced and tightly woven with infectious textures. Evsclusive is all about bringing out fresh beats, smart samples, masterful melodies and slick grooves. On top of all this is the sharp lyricism and heartfelt message of the music. Music is an inextricable part of Evsclusive’s life. Without it, life would lose luster. “Music is very important to me. Without it I would not know what I would do. It was and is my number passion. It’s my life and I love it. ” Take one listen to Evsclusive’s work and you’ll recognize the fire of an artist alight with creative fire, putting his all into his craft and making music that has something to say to everyone. Broad appeal and originality distinguish Evsclusive’s music and set it apart, making it stand out from the crowd. One thing that helps Evsclusive create such distinctive music is the fact that he sets no creative boundaries on himself – the sky’s the limit. This is an artist that is always pushing the envelope and finding new territory for the genre to explore. “Music inspires me to be creative with no limits, to just express how I feel.” And express he does. Evsclusive’s music is evocative and carries all the nuances of a complex songwriter with something important to say. His music conveys richly the ideas that pour from Evsclusive’s heart and mind as he composes and performs his masterful hip-hop and R&B. Ambition is another fuel behind Evsclusive’s fire. His drive to succeed is relentless and, mingled with his creativity, makes for a powerful propellant to send his career skyward. Success is in front of Evsclusive’s eyes every time he’s writing, every time he’s recording, every time music is close at hand – which is all the time. Evsclusive lives and breathes music. It is such an embedded part of his life and his push to succeed is irresistible – such powerful forces are sure to elevate Evsclusive’s name in the business. “I just work hard to try to make it in the music biz,” says Evsclusive. In his efforts to make it, Evsclusive is working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. “Evsclusive’s music has all the right hooks and the sweetest beats but it distinguishes itself with intellect and a sharp sense of creativity”.

Raw and Un-Kutt, the newest release from Kutt Calhoun features the singles “Naked (Boom Boom Room)” and “Get Kutt”. Kutt’s third release with Strange Music also features Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, Joe Budden, E-40, Too Short and more. Raw and Un-Kutt is now available on iTunes or you can order your copy today!