Big Scoob Launches Episode I Of Damn Fool TV On UStream [Video]

Jul 21 2010

Big Scoob wanted to connect with his fans on a level that he felt wasn’t being achieved through just putting out albums and touring. His feeling was that his fans weren’t able to see him in his element “actin’ a damn fool”. His solution for this problem was the creation of Damn Fool TV, a live show to be shown through UStream that would not only be a way to promote his new album, but it would also allow the fans to see him in a more relaxed atmosphere speaking off the cuff, laughing, and having a good time. On episode I, Big Scoob took the time to answer a lot his fans’ questions in real time through the UStreams Social Chat feature. Then Makzilla showed up toting toy machine guns screaming, “Now who’s trippin’ on Kutty’s album?”

Episode I was definitely a success, but Makzilla and Big Scoob both explained to the fans that there is much more to come from Damn Fool TV in future episodes.

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