Interviews Kaliko During His First Solo Tour

Jul 14 2010

Krizz Kaliko sat down with for an interview while he was touring the southwest. The article covers things from Kaliko’s most recent releases, Genius and Vitiligo, his experience working with Tech N9ne, and general discussion of how Kaliko continually develops a masterpiece in the studio each time.

Kaliko says in the article:

“…the beat is the pulse, and then the second most important thing is the hook. So that’s why I go beat, then I go hook, and then I build the song around it. The whole concept is what the hook is created off of, you know what I’m saying? And hooks are kind of my specialty, so I go beat, I go hook, and then the lyrics…”

Getting close to capacity at each show, this solo tour was a success. Being that this was his first solo tour, it’s a tell for the future shows that Kaliko will be (if he’s not already) ready to headline his own amphitheaters across the nation.

Kaliko talks about what Tech N9ne was saying after he viewed Kaliko perform in Lawrence, Ks to kick-off the tour:

“Man it felt so weird to sit and watch you on stage and me not be there… Man I hadn’t enjoyed a concert in years, I loved watching you man… I see why people love us, its you… The energy, man, you bring to my show, I see why people love it man… You gotta take that act on the road. People will love you like they love me, man.”

Did you attend the Krizz Kaliko Tour 2010 in your city? What did you think of the show?