Wayward Blog Mentions Strange Music Fans

Jul 22 2010

The Pitch Weekly’s Wayward Blog has been mentioned before for their post about giving away two free Strange Days Tour T-shirts, however, they wrote a follow-up post about who won the shirts along with mentioning several entertaining submissions in their “Two winners for our Strange Music free shirt contest!” article.

It’s no secret that Tech N9ne has a devoted fanbase. (Just take a look at the Strange Music tats that you can spot around town.) But that doesn’t mean we weren’t shocked when we netted a staggering 241 comments on our post giving away a couple of Strange Music V.I.P shirts to you on Friday. That’s two hundred and forty one people who desperately desire these two T-Shirts.

The article highlights some of the outrageous comments fans posted, however at the end the day, the Wayward Blog chose Crystal to the winner of one of the t-shirts and Amber’s 3 year old daughter to win the other t-shirts. Here are the winning comments:

You can check out some of the other comments left on the page and choose which one you would’ve chose!

If it was your choice, who would’ve you chosen to win the t-shirts?