‘Pow Pow’ Featuring Mon E.G. “The Ghostwriter” [Song]

Jul 13 2010

Tech N9ne’s latest release, The Gates Mixed Plate, includes the track “Pow Pow” featuring Mon E.G “The Ghostwriter”.

Here is more info about Mon E.G. taken from his Myspace Page:

Mon E.G. “The Ghostwriter” is a true lyrical phenom representing hardcore Midwest Hip Hop. His relentless flow, strong delivery, cinematic storytelling, and real street credentials put him in a very narrow lane only occupied by the greats. His story is an authentic American Gangster tale grown from the asphalt cold streets of KCMO 61st street South Side Posse (SSP) to be exact. It’s the events and his experiences on these streets that shaped the depth of his music. One event in particular changed Mon E.G.’s life and music forever. His sister passed away in a car accident on his Birthday September 28, 2002 on 47th and Troost (killed by a drunk driver). So everything he does that pertains to music is dedicated in her name. When he hits the STAGE or when he’s in the BOOTH, everything PERIOD! If an accurate measure of an artist is how his peers feel about him, then Mon E.G. is a GIANT, he has made a strong impression on the industry already. Just check his resume he has several records featuring heavy hitters and legends like BG, Lil’ Webbie, Trick Daddy, RickRoss, Pleasure P., 8 Ball, Flo Rida, Yo Gotti, Juvenile, T. Pain, amongst others. You can askk any one of the artists that have been in the booth with Mon E.G. and they will all tell you he’s a BEAST. No matter where he goes Mon E.G. takes the SSP movement with him. Always going hard the SSP movement gained momentum and began to turn into more of a revolution. While other Midwest rappers were focusing on industry records Mon E.G. kept delivering harcore anthems and club bangers that the streets loved. Soon his music and swagger caught the attention of local and national hip hop magazines like Butter and Ozone. His hustle continued to pay off as Bigga Rankin President of Slip N Slide Street and one of the premiere mixtape DJs cosigned Mon E.G. by featuring him on his Real Nigga Radio mixtape and promoting Mon E.G. to the world. Bigga was instrumental in getting Mon E.G. a slot on one of his first big industry tours “The Hypnotized Tour 07-08” with acts such as Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Boosie, Yo Gotti, Pleasure P., Snook the Rockstar, Crime Mob, Juvenile and more he tore down stages and connected to hundreds of thousands of new fans across the country. After their time on tour together Mon E.G. brought Yo Gotti and Rick Ross to the hood in Kansas City to shoot his video “Chevy Anthem Remix” featuring both artists. He’s the only artist from KC to bring artists of that caliber to the city for a video. Mon E.G. is interested in “One Thing” taking over the game. No more b.s. lyrics on crayon beats. this is “reality rap”. If Mon E.G. talked it he lived it….if he says it, he meant it. His sound is hard, powerful, and authentic that’s why the streets love him. People always ask him “Why do they call you ‘The Ghostwriter’?”, “Who do you write for?”. It’s not “Who” but “What”. The reason why we call him “The Ghostwriter” is because he’s been involved in, seen, and experienced so much DEATH in his life it has been a constant theme in his music. But he also has other themes that are just as compelling love, loyalty, family, struggle, success, pain, street life, determination, and confidence to mention a few. So watch out, listen out Mon E.G. “The Gostwriter” reppin’ SSP blue and Middle America is coming to a hood near you.

The Gates Mixed Plate, Tech N9ne’s latest release, features the singles “O.G.” and “Jumpin’ Jax”. Tech’s third release in a series of collaborative studio projects coined “Collabos”, features Devin The Dude, Glasses Malone, Jay Rock, Yukmouth and many others. The Gates Mixed Plate is available in stores now.

Find out more about Mon E.G. by visiting his Myspace Page, Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.