Technical Difficulties Experienced With Episode III Of Damn Fool TV [Video]

Aug 4 2010

Damn Fool TV’s third episode was the most highly anticipated episode yet. Earlier in the week, Lil Wayne expressed that Tech N9ne is one of the first artists that he wants to work with upon finishing his jail sentence in New York City’s main jail complex on Riker’s Island. This sent shock waves throughout all of Strange Music’s social media networks, especially Tech N9ne’s. Tech fans’ positions on the subject of this collaboration were polar. Tech N9ne’s plan was to address his fans’ concerns and reply to Lil Wayne’s statement to hundreds if not thousands of viewers on Damn Fool TV.

Big Scoob and Makzilla were also going to unveil a new format, including Youtube clips of the week and a video clip of the filming of Txx Will’s new music video, “Last Call”. The new format would separate Damn Fool TV from other artists’ Ustream broadcasts and allow for a more enjoyable fan experience. The anticipation was eventually met with disappointment when Ustream’s Producer Pro software wasn’t able to keep up with the vision of the people involved with Damn Fool TV. However, the new format was ultimately a success and something that Big Scoob and Makzilla will take and run with as the show continues to progress.

You can read more about Episode III on, watch clips from the episode here, or watch the clip of Tech answering Lil Wayne below.