Kaliko Makes Appearance on Damn Fool TV [Video]

Aug 26 2010

Krizz Kaliko was the special guest for Big Scoob’s Damn Fool TV yesterday for episode 6. Kaliko talked a bit about his recent trip to Las Vegas to shoot “Elevator” music video from his upcoming release, Shock Treatment. On the show, Kaliko talked about what you can expect from Shock Treatment and coined new term “hip pop” that he feels describes the upcoming release. Kaliko explains his thoughts of ‘hip pop’ on the show and says the following:

When I say ‘pop’, don’t get it fucked up. It ain’t what you’re used to. It’s how I do it… This is my version–my world–of pop.

Big Scoob aired some of the behind the scenes footage of the making of “Elevator” on the live video broadcast. Check out the video clips below.

Behind-the-Scenes Footage:

Live Video Broadcast of Damn Fool TV:

Shock Treatment Commercial Aired on the Show: