‘Get Active’ [Song]

Sep 21 2010

“Get Active” is probably the most stand-out track on Shock Treatment, and also happens to be one of Kali’s personal favorites from the new album. This doesn’t mean the best song necessarily, but out of all the songs “Get Active” is definitely the most prone to make someone turn their head and ask “What is that?!” Set to a fuzz-bass that carries the whole song and sounds like it was lifted from a 60s garage rock tune, the song definitely has a beat that promotes movement–just like the song says. Krizz rips his verses at a lightning quick pace over the trippy synths that float ethereally over the song’s driving rhythm section and switches to a scat during the chorus that is truly nonsensical and yet fits the song perfectly. “It’s not what you do, how you do it, just get up and do something” seems to be the spirit of the song. In between parts there is even a guitar solo that sends the song over-the-top. Irv Da Phenom drops a phenomenal verse that also plays at 110 mph. This song is definitely great for working out or wilding out without giving a damn about anything!