Murderdog ‘Interview Of The Week’: Krizz Kaliko

Sep 29 2010

Krizz Kaliko is featured this week on as the “Interview of The Week”. Conducted by Black Dog, the interview addresses Krizz Kaliko’s dedication to stage performance, his emerging status as an artist outside of Tech N9ne’s shadow, and his bi-polar disorder, and the creative process behind the songs on Shock Treatment. Click here to read the full interview.

Krizz on what it means to be gangsta:

“To me gangsta is being daring, being brave, and taking a chance. Anyone can have a gun, but are you really gonna shoot this nigga face to face in broad daylight? That’s what our music is. I’m not saying we are killing people on the music, but we are brave enough musically to pull it out in broad daylight. We’re not just following conventions, we are stepping out there and doing what we believe. I think that the thing that associates us with being gangsta is one word and that is “fearless”. Our music is fearless, our stage show is fearless and our imagery is fearless.”