Recap: Krizz Kaliko ‘Shock Treatment’ In-Store Signing At FYE

Sep 16 2010

To celebrate the release of his third studio album Shock Treatment, Krizz Kaliko and Strange Music held a special in-store signing at FYE in Independence, Missouri. Strange pulled no stops in the presentation of this event: Tech and Travis O’Guin made their presence known by the sound before they were even seen as the sound of Travis’ Ferrari could be heard around the corner before it pulled up dramatically in the center of FYE parking lot. Krizz Kaliko made his appearance on a motorcycle, leather-clad in a biker vest and looking the part of his new album, delivering blow after blow of Shock Treatment. Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun, and Makzilla also made an appearance along with Krizz Kaliko’s right-hand man Irv Da Phenom. Fans lined up to the end of the building waiting in anticipation to meet their favorite emcees that are putting KC on the map on a worldwide scale.

We interviewed a few fans waiting in line:

Jake Reynolds from Blue Springs CD: “The track that stands out to me is ‘All Them Ones’. Strange Music is putting us on the map! It’s like before Strange we had no one and now that we got Strange we’re getting love from Wayne and 50!? Strange is the shit.”

Sato from Kansas City, Missouri: “Man I just like it that someone from Kansas City has made it doing the music that I appreciate. They take what people are afraid to say and put it out there so people know what’s going on and it’s not in any harmful manner or anything like that. I’ll work for them for free. I love Strange Music.”

Fans were greeted by their favoirte local ambassadors of music and the vibe was great the entire time: lots of pictures, smiles, and handshakes. Also two of the west coast heavy hitters that are touring with Strange for the Indpendent Grind Tour, Jay Rock and Glasses Malone, were able to stop by and make appearances. The excitement was tangible as you could feel that this is just the beginning of a whole new wave of success for Strange Music.

Also during the signing was a brand-new episode of Big Scoob’s Damn Fool TV. Click on the link or watch below to see the proceedings through the eyes of Big Scoob and Makzilla.

Photographs courtesy of Midnight Photography