‘Rejection’ [Song]

Sep 14 2010

In his quest to merge hip hop and pop in his latest release Shock Treatment, the song “Rejection” delves into the realm of synth-driven rave pop, popularized as of late by the likes of Kanye West (in his Graduation release) and Lady Gaga. Rave-synths populate the soundscape at the beginning as Krizz cries “I just can’t take rejection!” The beat drops with a “four on the floor” kick drum and whiny synths to complement the movement of the main melody and Krizz pleas: “Don’t turn me down! Don’t turn me down! Don’t turn me down! Don’t turn me down! I can’t take rejection!” Produced by Nardo, the self-proclaimed “Mr. Synth King”, the song drives with an energy reminiscent of house and techno music, pulsing at a frenetic pace, feeding Krizz’s frantic calls for acceptance from the girl who just won’t pay attention. As to be expected from an artist with such eclectic tastes and feels for music, the song differs drastically from much of what Strange Music releases, offering a refreshing track of giddy pop from the only man on the roster that could deliver it. Overall we found this to be a heartfelt party song that would be well-advised to spin in order to bring your party to a frenzy.