University of Kansas Newspaper Reporter Asks For Krizz Kaliko To Perform ‘Game On’ At ‘Late Night’

Sep 1 2010

Krizz Kaliko’s “Game On”, a throwaway track from his upcoming album Shock Treatment, has made shockwaves of its own as it has spread through the consciousness of the Lawrence media and community since its release. “Game On”, being an anthem for the Kansas Jayhawks, has attracted so much attention that even a reporter from KU’s student newspaper, the University Daily Kansan, has requested that Krizz be invited to perform the song at KU’s “Late Night In The Phog” pre-season basketball event. “Late Night” is a celebratory night of scrimmages and skits that commemorate the first night that NCAA basketball teams are allowed to practice. The reporter behind the editorial, Stephen Montemayer, caps off the editorial with some sound reasoning:

“Need further persuasion? I’m sure Self’s recruits attending that night would be pressed to not find it another reason to be wowed.”

Is this the anthem that is going to take off in the world of KU athletics? What would you think of Krizz performing this live at Allen Fieldhouse? Click here to read the entire editorial.