‘Elevator’ Behind-The-Scenes Look With Krizz Kaliko And Director Dan Gedman [Video]

Sep 13 2010

Krizz Kaliko’s music video for the debut single “Elevator” from his upcoming Shock Treatment release is due to drop soon. We wanted to get a glimpse of the shoot from the men most responsible for shaping the end product: Krizz Kaliko and director Dan Gedman.

The concept behind the video ties in with the name of the song: Krizz Kaliko is the operator of a “magic” elevator in Las Vegas that takes you to “the world’s wierdest party” says director Gedman. Shot in Las Vegas in Mandalay Bay in The Foundation Room at The House of Blues, the video features gambling, booze, lots of women, and Krizz and Tech doing what they do best: getting the party started. The shot in Vegas presented a different feel between Krizz and director Gedman. While Krizz was obviously excited to be shooting on location (the first music video shot on-location outside of Kansas City since Tech N9ne’s “Slacker” shoot in Los Angeles), to Gedman it was just another day at the office: “That’d be a better question for Kaliko because for us it’s just Tuesday.” Kali’s response was much more enthusiastic:

Gathering the “video girls” for the shoot proved to be problematic, but in the world of Strange Music nothing is impossible and moves had to be made. As it turns out the women that were supposed to show up weren’t able to make it for one reason or another, so instead of rewriting the video, the Strange Music crew recruited women on the spot. Some were just passing by, some were dancers on their break. As is evidenced by the final product, there certainly was not a void of sexy ladies to inhabit the screen, regardless of where they came from.

Being around such a plentiful amount of lovely females is sure to put a strain on any relationship, but Kali and his wife have a deep and loving bond coupled with an understanding of the business side of things. For Kali it’s all in a day’s work, but he’s still sensitive to the needs of his woman:

“No woman is ever cool with a bunch of sexy women being around their man. It takes a super-strong woman to even handle being the wife of an entertainer because there’s always all these things around you. There’s always women around you ready to give it up at will, there’s always drugs that people give to you, there’s always alcohol which is given to you: everything just comes your way for free. That’s a very hard pill to swallow for any woman. I keep it all totally separate: the road and my career is one thing and my home life is another. It’s difficult for her to swallow but she says that I try, and if I didn’t try and made sure that she was okay with everything, then she’d be a little scared. I make sure to, I’m like: ‘Yeah, there’s going to be girls there. They’re going to have their titties out. They’re going to be putting titties on me and that’s just the way it’s going to have to be. You have to understand that this is the world I operate in and I know what the people want to see. They don’t necessarily want to see me being daddy. They wanna see me getting drunk and partying, so that’s what they’re going to see.'”

Luckily, because of Kali and his wife’s strong relationship, fans are priveleged to see the cleavage that the “Elevator” music video has in store. Click here or watch below to watch the results of the sexxed-up music video.